Caiso Operating Agreement

The following agreement was entered into by the California Department of Water Resources (“CDWR”) and the California Independent System Operator (“ISO”). The terms used in this Agreement and in the appendiceal calendars with an initial capital letter have the meanings set out below. Terms which are used in this Agreement and in the schedules with an initial capital letter, but which are not defined below, shall, when defined in Appendix A to the ISO Tariff, have the meanings defined therein. The singular contains the plural and vice versa. “Includes” or “including” means “including, but not limited.” References to a Section, Article or Annex shall be construed as a Section, Article or Annex to this Agreement, unless another Agreement or instrument is established. Unless the context indicates otherwise, references to a Statute shall be deemed to be references to this Act, as amended, replaced or adapted from time to time. Unless the context requires otherwise, any reference to a “person” includes any individual, partnership, enterprise, undertaking, joint venture, trust, association, organization or other entity, in any event, whether or not it has a separate transaction agreement (“Transaction”) that, as of March 15, 2000, is established by and between the California Independent System Operator (“CAISO”), the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). individually “party” and collectively “party”. This Reliability Agreement (“Agreement”), dated ____ This warranty (“Warranty”) of the date [insert date] is created by [insert legal name] Corporation (“Guarantor”) in favor of the California Independent System Operator Corporation (the “ISO”). All wholesale terms that are not defined here have their meanings in accordance with the ISO tariff.

Characteristics of the Net Generating Unit project of the participating generator with the function of operation of the CAISO network. Nothing in this agreement is intended to restrict or restrict the rights of the participating generator in accordance with clause of the CAISO Tariff. THIS FIDUCIARY AGREEMENT (as may be amended or amended from time to time under this Agreement, this “Agreement” will be opened from [Enter Date Must Be Opened and funded__________, 2015] by and between ___, a ____ _ These Terms of Use of QRE Balancing Agreement-Certification of the Generator Owner/Generator Agent Reporting Authority (“QRE Service Agreement”) by and between the California Independent System Operator Corporation, a California non-profit non-profit corporation (“ISO” or “BA-QRE Party”), which has its principal place of business at 250 Outcroprop Way, Folsom, California 95630, a, and the Owner or Generator Agent Generator, which is listed in the QRE Service Request application (“Generator Owner/Agent”) and is dated from the date executed by CAISO in the QRE Service Request Application (“Effective Date”).

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