Cass Associate Agreement

The representative of the Freight Agency (who is also a mediator for the areas of Europe where the IATA Cargo Intermediary Programme was set up) provides a dispute resolution service to existing freight agents who wish to be recognised by iATA, on the one hand, and to IATA and its member airlines, on the other hand, with regard to differences arising from the operation of IATA freight programmes. Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS) is one of these programs. The Commissioner examines the issues between stakeholders in order to reach objective conclusions and, if necessary, to resolve these issues in the context of the decisions of the Freight Agency conference. 28 Cases Banking InstructionSNO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS IATA CASS Account Transfer to Citibank Tel Aviv should be done in the form of MT103 (“Single Customer Credit Transfer”). To obtain the full value transfer, the payment bank must provide details of the fee as “OUR” to transfer the net amount. Payment must be made to Citibank Tel Aviv via our USD correspondent Citibank New York as follows: Case 56 (intermediate institution): CITIUS3 Field 57 (account in institution): CITIILIT Field 59 (Client Receiver): IATA CASS Account hinge Field 71 (Tax Details): OUR field 72 (issuer-to-destination information): unique identification code IATA (374XXX) What are you doing where… if… What for? Overview Orders – Modifications Various Transportatio n Receipts Vouchers All other proofs Printing instructions. 25 Pre RemittanceOne Agent Billing Procedure disagree on the one Airline amount A simplified flow diagram of the pre-remittance Dispute Procedure BillIng Dispute Procedure Hello to UMD from Cirrus. Short Story founded by Cirrus Cirrus 1984 Started uk-30 development in 1988 Started the development of ST50 into 24 error billing procedures (Pre Billing Query Call Line)One Agent One Airline Agrees wrong billing charge A simplified flow diagram of the Pre-Remittance Dispute Procedure The correction will be processed automatically in the current period OR it will be processed by the airline DCM/CCA. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. 27 Example of CASS Billing DisputeAgent to notify IATA up to three (3) days before the published transfer date.

Send To: Subject: CASS 15SEP11 (The date of the transfer) Add the imputation notice to each airline. A simplified flow diagram of the PRE-Remittance Dispute procedure at the end of 2017, with 16,500 air cargo officers reporting CASS, of whom nearly 5,000 were CASS ASSOCIÉS. It should be noted that CASS Associates does not subscribe to the financial support of IATA Cargo programs and therefore cannot benefit from the services of the Office of the Cargo Agency Commissioner. Lesson 10 GST on Import – Export Business Li, Jialong The IATA resolutions of most interest to the Commissioner are those detailed in the freight agent manual and, for the EEA/EU, in the operating manual of the European freight programme. 26 Pre-transfer agent`s settlement procedures to notify the airline concerned up to three (3) days before the published transfer date.

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