Gsma International Roaming Agreement

Apart from you who are the originator of the call abroad and the phone user you call at home, in addition to the international providers of transit services, we have the 2 telecommunications companies or network operators in both countries. In order to be able to connect to a visited network and make your call, it is necessary to conclude a roaming agreement between the visited network and the home network. In the EU, the Gulf and other regions, comprehensive notification systems and information websites have been developed to ensure that consumers understand their use. Data roaming services in these regions are managed in accordance with rules, competition and customer preferences, for example. B when a data usage limit is reached. Please note that this page provides a complete overview of roaming and does not give all roaming-related activities within the GSMA. Our mission is to provide consumers with clear and transparent prices for mobile services when travelling internationally, as well as the predictability and choice that mobile users expect. If the visited network operates on a different technical standard than the home network, this is called inter-standard roaming. Sub-regional and bilateral packages, as well as regional offers for tourists through discounted fares and monthly, weekly or daily roaming packages, also facilitate cross-border travel and trade. Local SIMs have always been an important substitute for roaming services, especially for regular visitors and migrant workers.


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