Samsung Tv User Agreement

2.3 Using the service or part of it may require the user to have a Samsung account that the user can set up via the smart TV setup process or on account.samsung.com with other connected devices. Existing Samsung account holders can use the services by logging in easily. The use of the Samsung account is subject to the terms and conditions of the Samsung account, which are available at account.samsung.com/membership/terms. This privacy policy contains additional specific information about how your personal data is used in conjunction with the IBA service and should be read in conjunction with Samsung`s Privacy Policy, which also applies to information collected by the IBA service and can be found under www.samsung.com/us/account/privacy-policy/. We may change or change these conditions of homeless from time to time. We will notify you at least 15 days in advance of the significant changes made to these homeless conditions and will provide you with a copy of the revised homeless conditions either by using your address provided to Samsung or by other appropriate means to ensure that you can review the revised homeless conditions. After the notification period ends, you will be asked to accept the revised terms of the homeless person, usually by clicking the “Accept” button or clicking on the “Accept” tab if such a button or feature is available or available via the service user interface. You can only continue to use the services if you agree to the revised conditions of the homeless person. You also accept revised homeless conditions if you continue to use the Services after the notification period ends. In this case, you are bound to them and Samsung treats you as related to the revised conditions of the SDF from the effective date of the revised conditions of homeless.

Smart sony TVs work google`s Android TV operating system, which doesn`t have easy access to this option. Instead, you need to re-reduce the TV installation assistant. To do this, jump to the home screen and go to Settings > initial setup. Click on the assistant (make sure changes such as your network settings don`t change) until you reach the “Interactive TV” samba user agreements. Turn off this option. Google says that Android TV as a platform does not perform or monitor users of specific content. Your use of the Samsung D Forum website on www.samsungdforum.com (“Site”) and all other applications, software, services, websites, content and other related services provided by us or by third parties that we have designated via the site (called “services” in this document) (and all services provided by us, Samsung, pursuant to a separate written agreement) are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale of the Samsung D Forum (these “SDF conditions”). In addition, unless written agreement with Samsung, your use of the website is also subject to the terms and conditions of the Samsung account (the “Terms and Conditions for Samsung Accounts”).

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