Uc Berkeley Roommate Agreement

We try very hard to meet the desired roommates; We want you to live with the student of your choice. If you complete the application and follow all the instructions in the meeting room, we will be able to meet most of the roommates requested. The Housing Authority will not agree with roommates who do not validate their applications. For a 30-day notification (provided that “cause only” is not necessary or has been provided): provisions for the extract or, if you want to continue occupying the rental unit, ask the owner what you can do to make this possible. If the owner agrees to let you stay, make sure this agreement is made in writing! If you don`t, you have to move. Make sure you do so within the authorized time limit; Otherwise, the owner may sue for unlawful detention to dislodge you. Seek outside help or contact SLS if this is the case. Roommates don`t need to be friends. However, we expect you to be fair, honest and respectful of each other.

Everyone must take responsibility for their own behaviour and share responsibility for a positive roommate relationship. Living in a common space with someone can be a challenge, so it is important to recognize that understanding different values and trade-offs is often the key to that relationship. It is really important to conclude the roommate agreement (with details and true honesty) at the beginning and you can visit it again and again when things change. It will not be uncommon for some of your preferences to change while you reside in residences. It is also very possible that one or both roommates do not comply with the agreement. You can renegotiate your roommate contract. Be sure to use the same advice as in your initial negotiations. In addition, you try to avoid accusations and accusations when you renegotiate your agreement. Please contact the room staff if you have difficulty renegotiating your contract. Proximity / Location: Clark Kerr, Foothill and Stern offer a picturesque location nestled in the Berkeley Hills. The units and Blackwell Hall are located in the center of the campus and are close to downtown Berkeley, the main campus. To compare schedules and locations, we advise you to consider the options here: housing.berkeley.edu/compare “What happens to this student if he or she infringes on another person`s privacy or engages in other forms of sexual misconduct? What does the university do? Sexual misconduct (including invasion of privacy) has no place on our campus.

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